Difficult, mismanaged and costly gastroenterological procedures
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Next-generation GastroGeniX WCE system with is smaller, stores more data and uses less power
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Most advanced wireless endoscopy capsules containing miniaturized solid-state components
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Up to 40% of the population suffering from Crohn’s and Celiac Disease, and IBS
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Leading edge company focused on wireless capsule endoscopy (WCE) for gastroenterology
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  • Direct visual diagnosis inside the human small intestine was previously arduous and costly. Low image resolution, compression ratios and limited controllability affected the completeness and quality.

    A next-generation GastroGeniX WCE system is being created, which incorporates new design features for reduced power consumption, increased capsule life, and longer procedure data acquisition times. This smaller capsule size broadens the utility in pediatric and veterinary patients and lowers cost of production.

    Wireless, minuturized, single-pass capsules consist of a number of solid-state components, including LEDs to provide illumination, an image sensor, typically a complementary-metal oxide silicon (CMOS) chip, batteries, lenses, and an antenna to broadcast image and other data.

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NOV 17, 2017
GastroGeniX News
November 21, 2017
GastroGeniX and University of Saskatchewan Announce Collaboration on Next-generation GI Imaging Technology
New technology initiative announced to enable more accurate diagnoses of gastrointestinal cancer and diseases